Join us Wednesday the 15th of June at MET AMS where we will be hosting an event that will result in the creation of a very special NFT.

Having been around in the art scene for quite some time and having established a name for myself, I still feel the urge to explore new ways of giving expression to the things I see and hear. Technology has been a great driving force in artistic expression, and the latest developments in blockchain especially have caught my interest. For me NFTs allow me to combine the original acrylic works with the digital work -and hopefully the Metaverse soon.

NFTs are a way to link ownership of assets that have been created in the real world to the digital world. The technology behind NFTs is similar to that of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which makes them really safe. Over the past decades, we have seen that via digitisation we can have a far bigger reach than we can via the real world. As such NFTs are a great vehicle for giving expression artistically, not the least because they offer the application of both digital and real-world techniques such as animation combined with acrylic. As a bonus, NFTs are great for their owners. They are easily transferable and widely applicable and can be used exclusively as an avatar or in a more traditional way by showcasing them on a digital frame in your house.

I hope I have spiked your interest in the upcoming event and hopefully you’re as excited about NFTs as I am. Please join us on the 15th at MET AMS for our special NFT event or follow us on one of the channels below.


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