NFT drop 5: Women and Wildlife

An introduction to the last  NFT drop in Jacques’ collection: Women and Wildlife. In this drop, we get to know two beautiful ladies and their trusted animal friends. Is it a dog? Is it a cat? Most definitely not. Check out the artworks below:

Lady and her fish

Minerva Girl

The first work in Jacques’ latest NFT drop (Women and Wildlife), portrays a beautiful woman and her eh… fish. Perhaps not the most cuddly pet on the planet, but surely a colorful addition to the painting, right? Click the button below to find out more about the work and place a bid on the NFT.

What would we do without our trusted animal friends? In Jacques Tange’s latest NFT drop, you’ll find a beautiful lady and her owl buddy. Hold him tight, or he’ll fly away! Make sure to check out his work on the Foundation NFT marketplace, and place a bid on one of his exclusive works via the button below!

NFT drop 4: art is alive

The ladies in the NFT collection called “Art is Alive” come to life in their animated form. If you’re already familiar with Jacques’ works, you’ve probably seen a lot of ladies in his collections, each with their own unique story. Check out the artworks and their descriptions below to learn more about Jacques’ latest animated NFT drops.

Big Sisters

Woman and her Pussy

Sisters can be true rivals while being best friends at the same time. In the latest NFT drop of Jacques Tange, you’ll find a provoking animation, embodying the playful rivalry of sisterhood in a most eccentric and (literally) moving way. And the best news? You can become the official owner of the “Big Sisters” animated NFT! Click the button below the video to find this piece and other works on Jacques’ marketplace. 

Meow! Meet this stunning lady and her adorable pussy in Jacques’ latest NFT drop. The animated artwork, called “Woman and her Pussy” is part of the collection “Art is Alive”, now available for bidding and buying on the Foundation NFT marketplace. Do you want to become the one and only owner of a uniquely animated Jacques Tange NFT? Then go click on the button below and place a bid on this unique work of art.

NFT Drop 3: Crypto from Heaven

It’s raining Bitcoins! Not really of course, but in Jacques’ third NFT drop. This release, called “Crypto from Heaven” is extra special, because the entire artwork is animated. The idea behind the famous Monopoly man “Rich Uncle Pennybags” dancing under the rain of Bitcoins comes from the immense wealth that Bitcoin’s first owners gained, and lost again with the big dip in the crypto market this spring. The NFT was created in collaboration with Grypto, and is now available for bidding and purchase on the NFT marketplace.

NFT Drop 2:
MET AMS 2022 Special Edition piece

Hurray! The second artwork of the NFT collection of Jacques is now available to buy on the foundation NFT marketplace. This time, it’s a very special piece, made together with the visitors of MET AMS event in Amsterdam last June. The bystanders had the power to decide what elements had to be included in the work, which resulted in an original Tange, consisting of 15 democratically decided elements, from the infamous Pink Panther to a dramatically sinking Titanic. This unique piece is now available as an NFT.

Jacques' First NFT drop is live!

The time has come! After months of preparation and digitalization, the first NFTs of Jacques are available on the NFT marketplace Curious? We can proudly introduce you to the first collection: 

Crypto Bear Market

After months of hard work, the first Jacques Tange NFT collection is available to the public. The “Crypto Bear Market” collection represents the continuously growing crypto market and its impact on the traditional financial world and banks. 

In the first work in the collection, called “Crypto Bear is back in town”, we are introduced to bitcoin bear, a gigantic teddy bear with only one goal: to turn the market upside down. The second work in the collection, titled “Bearing down on Wall Street”, shows the bitcoin bear in action. The scantily clad ladies and decadent bankers of Wall Street are falling victim to an endlessly growing crypto market. 

To become the owner of these NFTs, link your crypto wallet to the Foundation marketplace. At the end of this page, you’ll find a button that provides you with more information about how to buy an NFT.

How to get your own Jacques Tange NFT?

Do you want to become the official owner of a Jacques Tange NFT? Check out the collection! Not sure where to start? No worries, we prepared a step-by-step plan to get you started with your crypto wallet. Keep an eye on this page for more information!

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