Pennies From Heaven NFT

Jacques Tange prepares for the future of art

The art world is getting ready for a massive transformation, as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are entering the market. Excuse me, NF-what? An NFT is a virtual certificate of ownership, based on blockchain technology. You may have heard about the “Bored Ape” profile pictures, which, at the moment, sell for at least 120 ETH, which is more than hundred of thousands of US dollars. Besides these ultra famous monkey images, paintings are also becoming increasingly popular as NFTs. When buying an NFT artwork, you become the official owner of the digital product. That ownership is recorded and stored on the blockchain in the form of a cryptographic code. You buy an NFT with a cryptocurrency, in this case Ethereum. So, in the case of NFTs, you don’t buy a physical piece of art, but a piece of unique code in the blockchain. This unique code confirms that you are the one and only owner of the NFT artwork.

But why would you buy an NFT of, for example, an artwork by Jacques Tange? Firstly, you become the official owner of the virtual work of art. Legally, the copyright remains with Jacques, but you can resell the NFT. Trading in virtual art can be an interesting investment; if the value of a work increases, you can sell it again for a profit. Another plus: no matter where you are, you always carry your digital art piece with you, without having the carry the load of a physical painting. And how exciting is it to be part of a new piece of internet history? You don’t want to miss that development, do you?

Together with the team of Grypto, Jacques Tange is working on a virtual exhibition of his own works, especially for crypto-curious fans of his work. The original physical works on which the NFTs are based are also for sale in their original physical form.

Keep an eye on our website and socials for more news on Jacques’ NFT art drops!

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